Hands & Feet

Cambridge Gel Nails, Gelish Manicures, Gelish Pedicures, French Manicures. The Cambridge Beauty Studio provides high quality Gel Nails, Gelish Manicures, Gelish Pedicures, French Manicures.

Hands and Feet

The Gel Bottle - soak off gel polish
Manicure with Gel colour £32
Pedicure with Gel colour £36
Natural Nails
File and polish hands £15
File and polish feet £18
Manicure no polish £25
Manicure no polish £30
Pedicure no polish £30
Pedicure with polish £34


Lash Extensions
Full set of eyelash extensions £65
Maintenance from £30
Removal £15
Brow tint £10
Lash tint £15
Lash and brow tint £20
Eyebrow Shaping
Brow tidy £10
Brow shape £15


Gelish by Nail Harmony is the markets leading long lasting gel polish. Gelish is applied like a nail polish but wears like a gel lasing up to 3 weeks. this is a soak off gel polish that only takes 10 minutes to remove.

We have a large choice of colours and glitters all applied with a gorgeous glossy sealant. This is a manicure with a difference (no cutting corners) Nails are filled and cuticles are pushed back then a vitamin enriched strengthener is applied before you choose your gelish colour, gelish sets under the LED light within 30 seconds for each layer so your nails are completely dry ready for you to leave no worrying about smudging!!

LCN gel Nail enhancements

LCN Gels have been market leaders for over 25 years. Manufactured in Germany to EC regulations, the quality of this product range is assured.
LCN are the pioneering brand at the forefront of Hi-Tech Gel Nail design, and are consistently at the cusp of cutting edge nail technology. Whilst remaining light and flexible, LCN Gel Nails are extremely durable, long-lasting and hard-wearing – meaning the time between appointments is less, and the difference in appearance between visits to your technician is less obvious.

Guaranteed Quality:

  • LCN Gels have No ACID, No EMA & No MMA
  • Simple to Buff & Polish
  • No Fumes or Odours
  • No Discolouration
  • Non Porous

I provide Scultured gel nail enhancements rather than using plastic tips to achieve length this means i can mould the gel exactly to your nail shape! Many of my clients prefer this method and say sculptured gel lasts so much longer than gel with tips!